We will be using this week to prep the varsity teams for sub-state (February 12th at noon in Decorah). Those not participating at sub-state can turn Jerseys in on Tuesday, 4:00-5:30. Please contact coaches if you are unable to turn Jerseys in at this time. Details for our end of year banquet will be coming out soon, and will be after State competition.


Schedule Update

The winter weather continues close schools and prematurely end our season. Please read the entire message below carefully. Updated schedule for this week:

Tuesday: No meet, No practice, stay home, stay warm.
Wednesday: No practice, stay home, stay warm.
      Extended Varsity: Lifting and Practice (normal schedule)
      Friday’s JV: Practice at 4:00
      All Others: 4:00 Turn in Jerseys, EOY discussions

Boys that have varsity Jerseys, please bring them on Thursday!!!

Extended Varsity
      Lauren F
      Brynne S
      Jentry E
      Jasmine A
      Amanda O
      Ashlyn C
      Marisa S

      Malcolm N
      Ethan H
      Lane S
      Adam H
      Noah J
      Ryan K
      Peyton D
      Elijah K

Friday’s JV
      Bailey D
      Greta H
      Paige K
      Amber H
      Anna G
      1 from extended Varsity

      Ian H
      Jacob K
      Theo S
      Lee S
      2 from Extended Varsity


Early out

The weather continues to be a problem. No lifting tonight, normal practice cancelled. Short COMPLETELY OPTIONAL practice after school for Friday’s varsity team. THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! Do not risk anything, if you live out of town, please go home! This is not critical.


Updates from snow days

Due to limited lane availability we will only have varsity bowling this Friday. Therefore bowlers on this weeks competition team (and those practicing tonight) are listed below. We will see Everyone else at lifting tonight and Monday for our last week of full team practices.

Since we have missed a few practices due to weather I also want to remind Seniors and their parents that all Seniors will be bowling next Friday (Feb 1st) for our last home meet. Parents/Guardians that are able to attend will be introduced along with their Senior bowler. I realize that 3:50 will not be possible for all to attend. Thank you for your efforts toward that celebration.

Jasmine Ator
Ashlyn Carnes
Jentry Eick
Lauren Fox
Amanda Ostman
Brynne Steckelberg

Lane Shears
Malcolm Newell
Noah Jeppesen
Ethan Hennings
Adam Hein
Elijah Kahler