Let’s get the season underway.

2020 continues to be a year of challenges, and as Go-Hawks we learn to meet those challenges head-on. Waverly Lanes has closed for the year, it is possible that they will re-open once sold, but for now we are moving ahead with the understanding that we will not be bowling in Waverly.

For the upcoming season we will be using New Hampton as our home bowling center. This will create some challenges, but it also creates some opportunity. New Hampton has put in brand new synthetic lanes and has their machines in working order (unlike the problems we have dealt with in the past).

Our plan is to have 2 full team practices and one varsity only practice in New Hampton each week. This will leave us a day or two each week to do workouts, film, and off-lane training in Waverly. When I am able to get a complete schedule mapped out I will circulate that to all.

The once main challenge we have yet to solve for this season, is that we need a bus driver, willing to drive our team to and from practices twice a week. If you do not have a CDL, we can get you the training. PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY INTERESTED PEOPLE. The bus garage is already short drivers and this must be solved for us to have a season.

Thank you!


Body By Chad

This is a great opportunity to stay in shape (or get in shape) while you have some extra free time. The workout we did for High School Bowling can be done at home:) Also Chad Rinehart has put together a great program for you that can be done at home. Details from Chad….

Please read all of the following and look over the entire workout and pages. It will be best to look over each workout the day before so if you have questions I will have time to respond.

Below is a link to a workout that may be done at home using no equipment or minimal equipment. I plan on making the workout 4-6 weeks, currently week 1 is done. Each exercise has a hyperlink to a youtube video showing the exercise. Each part of the workout, outside of the sprints, has a timer link to an online timer that you may use to keep pace with the workout. If there is a day that you cannot get outside to do the sprints either substitute with another high speed movement or do the sprint portion the next day.

Most of the exercises can be done with only body weight. For those that cannot I encourage you to be creative. Use milk jugs, large cans or bottles, or a backpack filled with books. You may want to buy a jump rope for a cheap indoor exercise apparatus.

Lastly, I hope to incorporate a new software called teambuildr by the end of the week. After that point you will be able to download the app and I will send you a code that will have the workouts on your phone to use. We will use this app and will not be going back to using paper cards when we return to the GPEC.

Workout Link

Workout Explained

At Home Training Ideas

Have a great day,



Middle School Cancellation

Along with the recent school closing, the school district has asked that we cancel all youth activities until further notice.   

Since we only have 2 weeks remaining in the season, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce the cancellation of the remainder of our middle school season, effective immediately.  

I will be able to issue a partial refund for the remainder of our unused funds, $40 for each middle school bowler.  I will have this available at the bowling alley tomorrow night (Tuesday) from 6:30 – 8:30.  If you are unable to retrieve funds at that time please let me know and we can make arrangements for you to pick them up at another time.  

We will find some time once this epidemic has passed for individual lessons and group competitions along with the high school bowlers.  


Performance Psychology

Bowling is one of the most mentally grueling sports.  You are standing all alone in front of your peers and family.  There is no-one to pass the ball to. You just have to perform each and every time you step on the approach.  

Now W-SR is giving you the chance to learn how to deal with that pressure, take the lid off what is holding you back, and realize your true potential.  Join presenter Mark Schwab in the Rada for a free series to unlock what you are truly capable of.  Details here  


End of Season Banquet

This Saturday, February 29th, at 3:00 we will meet in the Parish Hall of St. Paul’s church to celebrate this years accomplishments. Everyone will go home with something. Many awards go to unsuspecting bowlers. Don’t miss out on your honor:

Intra-squad tournament results
Academic team
Rookie of the year
Improvement awards
…and much more

Family and returning graduates welcome. Please bring a dessert to share for a short celebration planning to last about an hour.

Directions can be found here