Practice today (Thursday 11/14) is girls only, guys have the night off. We have limited lane availability on Thursdays and will normally use this time for the team competing on Friday. Since we don’t have competition this week, we will be doing a girls only practice. Our complete calendar is here: http://highschoolbowling.org/calendar/

Tomorrow is your last opportunity to order team apparel. You can do so here: https://wsrbowling.itemorder.com/


Apparel Order and PreSeason Reminders

– Our online store is open now through the first week of practice. https://wsrbowling.itemorder.com/

– Practice starts on Monday, November 11th, be at the alley and ready to go before 4:00.

– Our Website is http://highschoolbowling.org/

– Make sure you have bowling shoes, those are required, other equipment recommended, but optional.  Details here: http://highschoolbowling.org/equipment/

– Have a physical done (this needs to be done every year!), you need to have this the first day of practice, get the form here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/a80a0d_87bed865bf6a4638b7ab01b9a05953d2.pdf

– Have a concussion form completed (this needs to be done every year!), you need to have this the first day of practice, get the form here: https://www.iahsaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/HeadsUpConcussionFactSheet.pdf  

– Complete calendar is here: http://highschoolbowling.org/calendar/


PreSeason Meeting

Wednesday, October 16th, we will have a preseason bowling meeting for bowlers and parents. Free Bowling for high school bowlers from 5:00 – 7:00 (come and go as you are able), brief meeting at 5:45(mandatory). Coaches will be on hand to talk about equipment, bring in yours for a free check-up.


Junior League

Cadillac Lanes didn’t get fliers sent out this year announcing the start of Junior League as they normally do. Those of you that bowled league at Cadillac last year or are looking to start new this year can still join this Saturday. Normally league starts at 9:00, but please arrive early if you are looking to join so that we can help get teams set-up.

Cadillac Lanes is the site for this season’s state tournament. This is a great opportunity to get practice on lanes that we will be competing on for a state title.


Substate Postponed

Our state qualifying bowling meet for tomorrow will be postponed to Wednesday, February 13 with the same noon start time. Further details on a practice tomorrow will be decided after W-SR makes a final decision on school for tomorrow.


Conference Individual Results

Girls Qualifying
Girls Bracket

Boys Qualifying
Boys Bracket

Certificates: 1st Team | 2nd Team | Honorable Mention | BOTY

1st Team All District – Boys
Noah Jeppesen / Waverly -Shell Rock / District Bowler of the Year
Cole Jurgensen / Sumner-Fredricksburg
Brian Roulson / North Fayette Valley
Colin Gavin / North Fayette Valley
Alex DuFour / Columbus
Matt Rozzell / Waukon
Noah Reams / Charles City
Caden Funk / Tripoli

2nd Team All-District – Boys
Conner Thompson / Forest City
Tristan Anderson / Tripoli
Logan Prescott / North Iowa
Braydon Sanderson / Sumner-Fredricksburg
Devon Pint / Oelwein
Jestin Espe / Oelwein
Joe Mulert / Denver
Cade Schmidt / Charles City
Lane Shears / Waverly -Shell Rock

Honorable Mention All-District – Boys
Breydon Jottouson / Decorah
Casey Halbmaier / Columbus
Eli Johnson / Forest City
Tyler Titompson / Decorah
Logan Leesch / North Iowa
Nathan Booms / Denver
Nathan Liddiard / Waukon

1st Team All District – Girls
Madison Ross / Charles City / District Bowler of the Year
Marisa Schneider / Waverly -Shell Rock
Lauren Funk / Tripoli
Jaz Raymer / Tripoli
Taylor Peterson / Waukon
Jasmine Ator / Waverly -Shell Rock
Misty Lillbridge / Oelwein
Sarah Mitchell / Charles City

2nd Team All-District – Girls
Chiara Thompson / Forest City
Alexa Vrieze / North Iowa
Jazmin Trunkhill / Forest City
Rachel Lumpa / Columbus
Chelsey Armstrong / North Iowa
Audrey Casterton / Decorah
Liz Wehling / Sumner-Fredricksburg
Marissa Leisinger / Denver

Honorable Mention All-District – Girls
Megan O’Neill / Waukon
Maddie Putnam / Decorah
Emily Guyer / North Fayette Valley
Lauren Roberts / Columbus
Hayden Arians / Denver
Brielle Belden / Oelwein
Jessi Hirsch / Sumner-Fredricksburg
Erika Woodson / North Fayette Valley